art and tradition of adornment


The Art of Adornment fascinates me

As a dancer i have always been inspired by exploring old cultures and traditions. I have had the great fortune to travel across the world living within many tribes learning their artistry and rituals.

Nakila collective is Jewellery to gather stories in . Jewellery to live in.
For the inner gypsy who walks through life with a wild vivid imagination , elegance and grace.

Each design holds a special place in within heart .I have immense love and gratitude to all these cultures and Traditions who have inspired me to share their beauty through the art form of Adorning yourself.

All my pieces are made in Bali Indonesia . I work with a very small family run business .Everything is hand-crafted and made in small batches in limited quantities. Slow manufacturing, fair trade and ethical.

 I am honoured to create these adornments for my sisters.
With  much love, I thank you for supporting my little jewels biz ..


Brooke Vasicek